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Based in Manchester, Microtrade Ltd is ideally placed to all major transport networks the UK has to offer. Contact us for more details.
We are suppliers of the finest microbiological products in the UK. We offer a service second to none. 


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Industry Sector Discounts

Education and Research
We offer an immediate 30% discount off our UK price list for low volume media requirements to any school or educational research laboratory. Contact us today for a quotation – we will not be beaten on price!!

Hospitals - clinical microbiology departments
we offer these laboratories discounts against weekly/monthly/bi-monthly standings. Contact us today and compare our prices to leading market suppliers! Also offer immediate discounts for one-off orders against the following off-the-shelf media items in our range:

MacConkey agars
* without salt
* with salt
* No. 3

A semi-selective medium for the isolation and differentiation of gram negative and gram- positive organisms. No. 3 will not grow staphylococci or streptococci

Yeast & Moulds
* Sabouraud dextrose agar
* Dermatophyte test medium
* Chloramphenical supplement

added to suppress bacterial growth. May add cycloheximide to inhibit saprophytic fungi.

* GC agar base

Selective for N.gonnorhoeae and N.meningitidis. Various selective supplements.

Blood agar bases
* Blood agar base
* Blood agar base No.2
* Columbia agar

A general purpose medium to encourage the growth of all micro-organisms

Sensitivity test media
* Sensitivity test agar
* Mueller Hinton agar
* Mueller Hinton broth

All clinical specimens which exhibit growth of pathogens
Antibiotic test media to identify antibiotic susceptibilities of clinically significant organisms

Salmonella media
* Numerous - see product list

A range of selective enrichment and selective plating media for isolation of Salmonella

Urine media
* C.L.E.D (SI or DI)
* MacConkey Agar

A general growth media for urine specimens

Anaerobe media
* Anaerobe Isolation Agar
* Anaerobe Isolation Broth

Exacting and nutritionally rich media for optimal growth of anaerobic microorganisms

Isolation of food poisoning organism.

* Camp. Enrichment broth plus supplement.
* Campylobacter blood free medium plus supplement

Isolation of Listeria monocytogenes, food poisoning organism causing meningitis and miscarriage.

* Listeria enrichment broth plus supplement.
* Oxford Agar + supplement, UVM Broth + supplements
* Fraser Broth + supplement
* Palcam Broth and Palcam Agar + supplements.

Pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry

Whether it’s for QC testing or bulk fermentation Microtrade Ltd., now offer an even wider range of protein sources available for degradation into utilisable nutrients. The most commonly used culture media ingredient range comprises of raw materials packed in 5kg - 50kg pack sizes. A bespoke service is available (AT NO EXTRA CHARGE) for special packing should customers require it, with delivery geared to each individual client's need. Don't tie-up thousands of £££'s in raw material stocks when we can provide you with stock off the shelf as and when you need it!

Take a look at just a small selection of ingredients available to you without minimum order quantity:

Magnesium Chloride Anhydrous
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Pyruvate
Dextrose Anhydrous
Special Bile
Sodium Desoxycollate
Bile Salts No.3
Yeast Extract Powder A
Beef Extract Powder
Acid Hydrolysed Casein (Neutralised)
Tryptone (Casein Hydrolysate)
Bacteriological Peptone
Balanced Peptone No.1
Tryptose (Blend of Peptones)
BHI Solids
Veal Infusion Solids
Meat Peptone (B)
Bacteriological Grade Agar
Granulated Agar

Life science research - Microbiology research / Molecular biology
Contact us for special discounts for your industry.

Water - Potable and recreational waters, pollution-monitoring agencies Contact us for special discounts for your industry.

Veterinary - Animal health, government agencies, vaccine production contact us for special discounts for your industry.

"Call today for an immediate quotation - were looking forward to being of service to you"

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